Well I would like to say that after reading all the reviews on this site it is really interesting how the people who have posted positive reviews are either still in the program or are still connected to the program in some way and profit from it.I myself have never been in the program but my husband was in this program for three years.It is kind of funny reading some of the post that speak of the ex cons that are in the program and how dangerous they are, well my husband is an ex *** and paroled straight to the program and was used from day one.

Dr.Honey Thames is a manipulating business women who is only interested in making money not helping anyone.My husband was used as a bouncer and babysitter he was forced to work to pay his rent as well as volunteer in more than one house as well as dealing with the politics and gossip that goes on in that place and once honey was done using my husband then she kicked him out just like that, which from what I understand is her MO she had on more than one occasion yelled, belittled,and degraded her patient/workers and kicked them to the streets with no where to go, oh but wait let's not forget that she makes sure to get their money before she kicks them out because once again she is only interested in the money nothing else


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Honey Thames is a fraud. Other reputable pillars in the recovery community will warn you to stay far away from this "rehab". Take heed, there are other affordable option


This place is a freaking joke.Honey is a manipulative, disgusting, gold digging, horrible human being.

ALL SHE CARES ABOUT IS THE $$$. Some people get help most others are there to continue using and are repeatedly let back in.

Worst place EVER.Do not EVER recommend.

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